Journey Mobile, Inc. Sales Development Manager in Denver, Colorado

SALES DEVELOPMENT MANAGER sought by Journey Mobile, Inc. in Denver, CO.JOB DUTIES: Direct and coordinate the sales operations and activities of thecompany. Specific responsibilities include: 1) Set targets for salesdevelopment representatives, including targets for cold calling and prospectmeetings, for which sales development representatives are responsible for.2) Set and manage the sales quotas for the company's salesrepresentatives. 3) Determine and craft the company's sales messaging,and put together presentations to prospective customers and brief thecompany's design and sales development staff in the creation of salescollateral such as slide decks, brochures and proposals. 4) Meet withprospective customers and brief them on the company's products and servicesin order to determine whether there is the potential for a sale. 5)Responsible for the day-to-day supervision of lower-level subordinatesconsisting of Sales Development Representatives, including leading weeklymeetings in order to determine progress and assign tasks and meeting regularlyto discuss performance and goals. 6) Develop and present training programsfor sales staff. 7) Determine and monitor sales operational budgets. 8)Resolve customer issues and attend industry related events/shows.JOB REQUIREMENTS: Requires a Bachelor's degree in Business Administrationor related field (will accept a three-year or four-year Bachelor'sdegree) and two (2) years of sales management or related experience insales and business development in the IT/mobile application developmentindustry, including experience in sale of subscription software to mediumand large enterprises; designing sales messaging; setting sales targetsand goals; designing lead generation campaigns and tracking theirprogress; and managing sales staff/team, including coaching and trainingand determining team compensation.*Specific skills: Also requires experience or knowledge in: 1) Creatingprocess swim-lane diagrams for customer processes that detail data flowbetween user roles, integration with existing systems as well asnotification triggers; 2) Developing training material summarizingbusiness models of target industries, with comprehensive analysis of the fitof use cases and target contact titles in that industry; 3) Developing andexecuting account growth strategy plans that coordinate sales and solutiondelivery; 4) Experience in interrogating large data sets, includingaccessing, exporting and manipulating data on variously used sales softwareto consistently provide tactical and strategic insights; 5) Knowledge ofsoftware-as-a-service market including the sales approach to sellingsoftware-as-a-service; 6) Knowledge of Salesforce, or similar CustomerRelationship Management (CRM) software, and the management of a salespipeline; 7) Communicating with senior management regarding salestargets, sales performance and sales results; and 8) Presentingteleconference and in-person presentations to a variety of different customerstakeholders, including business, information technology and procurement*Any level of experience or knowledge in the specific skills is acceptable.Send resume to: Pieter-Francois Theron / Re: SDM, Journey Mobile,Inc., 1614 15th Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80202.