Fountain-Fort Carson School District #8 Evening Custodian - Full Time in Fountain, Colorado

APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED ONLINE ONLY AT / EmploymentPreferred Minimum Qualifications: 1. High school graduate or equivalent. 2. Demonstrate ability to work cooperatively with district staff. 3. Maintain a neat and clean appearance. 4. Ability to lift 50 pounds. 5. Ability and willingness to take directions. 6. Ability and willingness to meet the needs of staff and students. 7. Excellent references including attendance and punctuality.Job Goals:To provide students with a safe, attractive, comfortable, clean, andefficient place in which to learn, play, and develop.Essential Job Functions: 1. Keep all assigned floors in a clean and attractive condition and a goodstate of preservation. 2. Snow removal. 3. Demonstrate ability to work independently without close supervision.Performance Responsibilities: 1. Clean assigned work area to include vacuuming, dusting,blackboards, empty waste basket, pencil sharpener, restrooms, sinks, windows. 2. Perform minor requests as directed. 3. Conserve electricity and heat, making sure building is secure eachevening. 4. Report vandalism to head custodian. 5. Report all unsafe conditions to head custodian. 6. Lower flags. 7. Maintain equipment used as directed. 8. Perform outside work as directed. 9. Perform summer cleanup work such as stripping floor, painting,outside work, light fixtures, wash walls and windows, furniture.10. Change light bulbs when necessary.11. Prepare for special occasions or evening activities.12. Advise head custodian of needed supplies and equipment.Tools and Equipment:Vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, buffer, snow blower and carpet cleaner. Alltools and equipment may not be listed.Salary:Evening Custodians are a Grade 5 on the Classified Salary Schedule.- FFC8 allows new hires to bring in up to 8 years of previous experience insimilar school type settings.- Please understand that new hires tend to start out at the lower end of thesalary range.Classified Salary ScheduleEmployment Period:261 days per year - 4 Hour Work Days